Rick Astley Beer, Bear Ramen, “Shower Beer”, and an Allergy-Free Restaurant Chain

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Never Gonna Give Beer Up, Never Gonna Let Beer Down

Even if you’re too young to have experienced the debut of the sky-splitting magnificence that was Rick Astley’s 80’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” you know who the man is. Blue-eyed soul singer. Husband. Beer Lover. Featured star of far too many, yet somehow not nearly enough “Rickrolling” online video gags. The singer is directing one of those things into a new venture: Rick Astley Beer. No, that isn’t its name (at least not as of this writing) but a signature brew is in the works, being created in collaboration with Copenhagen-based Mikkiller Brewery. Apparently, if Rick Astley were a beer, he’d be a Pilsner-type lager, as that style seems to have won out over various others that the singer sampled. The beer remains unnamed at the moment, as Astley grapples for just the right expression, but with luck, it won’t be long before he tells us how he’s feeling.

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The Right to Bear Ramen

With 20 years in the restaurant game, many might feel that ramen franchise Menya Musashi can do anything it wants to. That notion is hard to dispute in the face of a recent menu promotion: a ramen bowl that features bear meat. Sourced from Asiatic black bears of Aomori and Kyoto prefectures, the meat is said to taste more refined than similar products. Even the soup stock is flavored with bear (as well as honey, in a twist of irony certain to keep Winnie the Pooh awake for many a night covered in fear sweat) among the ingredients used to produce it. It was with this dish that Menya Musashi celebrated its 20th anniversary last week, so this one was released at the chain’s location in Ueno, Tokyo from December 28th to 31st. Here’s hoping it sees a resurgence this year, if only so that more people can weigh in on the merits of one type of bear meat over another as relates to crowning a steaming bowl of ramen.

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What’s That Rule About Never Drinking Alone?

If asked to name two activities that people don’t routinely engage in at the same time, showering and drinking beer would feature pretty highly on my list. it seems that I’ve been missing out on a great deal about living like a boss, though, because designated “shower beer” totally exists. Handcrafted in Sweden, the brew is a sweet, strong, pale ale designed to be finished in about three gulps while one showers in preparation for a night on the town. Born of a collaboration between Pangpang Brewery and Snask, this one’s first batch didn’t even last through its release party, selling out in less time than it takes to lather up. A second run is currently under way, that none should be forced to go long without a second kind of bubbly shower enhancement. Just don’t let the bottle slip from your soapy grasp, or else a lack of alcoholic beverages to accompany your scrubdown will be the least of your concerns, coming in right below how to navigate a shower floor minefield of broken glass with bare, wet feet and live to tell the tale (hopefully not to your local E.R. doctor…)

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Allergy Free To Be

Eggs. Soy. Peanuts. Shellfish. As much joyful chewing as these food items bring to people all over the world, there are those of us to whom they pose potentially life-threatening consequences if ingested.  Montreal restaurateur Dominique Dion knows this well, and that knowledge prompted him to open Zero8, a restaurant whose entire menu he has crafted to make the establishment a haven for food-allergy sufferers. Dion claims that the restaurant is completely free of the eight most common food allergens that plague people who must subsist on restricted diets, and his next goal is to spread that concept to cities everywhere. A page of the restaurant’s website has been devoted permanently to gift certificates and crowdfunding contributions (in the form of custom-inscribed bronze, silver, or gold bricks to be placed on the “Supporters Wall” of the establishment) to start that ball rolling, as crowdfunding played a major role in rescuing a struggling Zero8 when it was shuttered in 2013. Soon enough, people with severe food allergies and some spare change might not have to look quite so far to find a place to enjoy a carefree meal out in an environment free of dietary hazards. Perhaps they’ll also have a nice, shiny brick they can point to and feel good for having been part of the solution.

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