NYC’s Cookie Dough Eatery, The Alchema, “Thanks, Obama” Beer, and Slow-Mo Popcorn

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A cookie dough eatery has carved out a future roost in New York City’s Greenwich village (does that feel to anyone else like the foregone conclusion of places for such a shop to open?) The forthcoming 15-seat establishment will be named DŌ and feature menu selections made with a “pasteurized egg product” to allay any fears about the hazards of consuming raw egg as is typically found in uncooked cookie dough. The concept isn’t altogether new; founder Kristen Tomlan has been hawking her cookie dough confections for years online. With its grand opening slated for next week, the brick-and-mortar site will serve cookie doughs adorned with the likes of oatmeal and M&Ms as well as milkshakes and ice cream SanDŌwiches (commence product name-related eyebrow arching). Given how much people love to consume raw cookie dough—who among us doesn’t still, well into our adult years, steal a taste of the batter when we bake sweets at home, salmonella risk be damned?—this could be the start of something big. And unbaked.

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Turning Fruit Into Liquid Gold

Even though the Alchema won’t turn lead into gold, early news shows the machine to have other things going for it. Having met its Kickstarter funding in record time, the Alchema is a device into which one can load diced fruit that will be fermented into homebrewed craft cider. Yes, really.

Be warned: A typical cider brewing cycle takes 1 to 2 weeks with the device, so don’t expect to sit beside the Alchema with glass in hand, waiting for instant refreshment. Still, it’s an interesting—dare we say crafty—idea that sets the mind racing at once with ideas for fruit combinations to attempt with it. Scoring one will set you back $329.00 USD, but given that it comes pre-loaded with recipes and syncs to a smartphone app that guides its progress, that could seem to some a small price to pay for a lifetime of cider crafting bliss. [Video courtesy of Alchema YouTube channel.]

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Image: Surly Brewing

Beer: Now in Meme Form

Today in the United States it is a momentous day. Aside from being #BagelFriday (a point that the Twitterverse seems dedicated to keeping fresh in all of our minds), Friday January 20th, 2017 is also the day that Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Surly Brewing will release its new Winter Rye IPA, which it has named “Thanks, Obama!”

Before some of you commence frothing at the mouth (needlessly, I might add, since we don’t care about your politics; we’re talking about beer here), consider that there’s a certain duality to the phrase which is where the name’s intended humor comes into play: the two words can be applied with either sarcasm or sincerity, depending on your feelings about the changing presidential administration. The 6.5% abv beer is described as featuring an experimental hop variety, and tasting of creamy vanilla and honey with hints of candied grape supporting a spicy malt character. Red and Blue people alike can find it on tap today at Surly Beer Hall, and just maybe for god’s sake enjoy a few sweet moments of commonality.

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Now Everybody…Breathe

In these uncertain times, isn’t it nice that videos of popcorn kernels popping at 30,000 frames per second, filmed in ultra slow-motion macro using the Phantom v2512 ultra high-speed camera exist? We rather think it is, so watch, breathe deeply, repeat.[Video courtesy of Warped Perception YouTube channel.]

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