Bon Voyage + Bon Appetite! These 3 Locales are Made for Food Lovers

Contributed by Stephan Essex

Culinary tourism is a big thing nowadays, but part of the excitement of visiting a new place has always been to try the exotic and novel things to eat. If food is your life, you will love to travel and taste new flavors. But how do you pick which places you should visit first? Fear not, as below lies a guide to a few locations you might consider, and what you should make a point of eating when you get there. So it’s a case of Bon Voyage and Bon appetite at the same time!


Vegas is affectionately known as “Sin City,” or “the City of Excess” and that certainly applies to everything there. The hotels, casinos, theater productions, and the foods are bigger and more spectacular there than pretty much anywhere else on the planet! That makes Vegas an awesome place for a foodie traveler to pay a visit.

There you will find some of the most high-end restaurants, run by chefs life Gordon Ramsey. On the other end of the culinary spectrum, you will also find some amazing dinners with their own particular spin on familiar casual fare like sliders, ribs, and fries. Themed eateries are popular too, so don’t forget to grab a bite in the Heart Attack Grill.

There are also all the “all-you-can-eat buffets” with just about anything you can think of to sample. Always remember to try the snow crab legs. The beef is usually pretty good too!



If you are asking yourself what to do in Madrid with a culinary theme, then tapas is your answer!  Tapas means “small plate” and is a light way of eating that the Spanish are famed for. The idea is that instead of one entree-sized plate of the same dish, you have lots of little plates, with a mouthful of this and a bit of that. So you get a lot of variety in one sitting.

Each location is Spain is famous for its own special tapas dishes, and Madrid is no exception. Expect a lot of pork, such as pigs’ ears, and roast suckling pig, as well as tortillas, and fried calamari sandwiches! Depending on your palate, you may want to give the tripe a wide berth, though.



Maybe you are expecting Fish and Chips and Jellied Eels if you take a food trip to London. Well, you can certainly get these items if you want, and they are prepared well, too. But there is a far wider gastronomic scene to be appreciated in this fair city.

That scene largely has to do with the street food culture that is very popular there at the moment. You’ll find stalls and vans at open air markets and festivals all over the city. Along with pop up restaurants servicing limited items for your delectation. The best thing about this is that in one place you can get great dishes like authentic Pad Thai, a good Currywurst, or even American Pancakes not often found outside of a New York City waffle house, all within a few steps of each other. You’re welcome!


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