Harmless Harvest’s New Probiotic Beverage Tastes Like Commitment to Our Environment

We wrote not so long ago on food industry trends expected to flourish in 2017. With interest in considerations like food sourcing and sustainability inching ever closer to the forefront of the consumer’s mind, it bears noting that more thought also will be given to what kind of impact our choices make on the planet. Such reflections already appear to be playing out with companies like Harmless Harvest, the world’s first “Fair For Life” certified organic coconut water producer.

Earlier this week at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, the company announced the launch of its newest product, a line of organic probiotic cultured coconut beverages called Harmless Coconut Probiotics. Combining young coconut meat, active probiotic cultures, and organic fruits with the company’s organic coconut water, this latest addition to the Harmless Harvest family brings its goal of achieving a zero-waste ingredient model one step closer.

With the addition of the coconut meat, each Probiotics serving boasts at least 5 grams of dietary fiber and medium-chaintriglycerides (MCTs). The Harmless Coconut Probiotics line will be available in Original, Strawberries, Blueberries & Acai, Mangos & Acerolas, with no added thickeners, stabilizers, or artificial flavors.

“We are excited to unveil the newest member of the Harmless Harvest family at the Fancy Food Show here in our home town,” said company CEO Giannella Alvarez. “This new plant-based beverage, made from the whole edible organic coconut, brings consumers a refreshing beverage with probiotics that support digestive and immune health.”

Harmless Coconut Probiotics is an important innovation for the company as well as the beverage industry, as it demonstrates a commitment to product, people and planet, while leading by example in the company’s effort to run an ecosystem-based business. This, along with other industry trends predicted for this year, invites the question: How might this trend inspire other businesses to support the effort in 2017? Here are three ways in which we might see the ecosystem-based model gain footholds this year:


This year, brands could start thinking seriously about their environmental impact beyond just production. Seeking to build meaningful relationships with their customers by aiming to deliver value and transparency—even if it means an increase in the cost of doing business—could pay big dividends in terms of winning consumer hearts and minds.

‘Fair Trade’ got people to pay greater attention to the prices farmers in developing countries can charge. The recently developed “Fair For Life” certification takes things a step further by recognizing companies’ commitment to building healthy, sustainable farming communities.

With more accountability being demanded of companies for their environmental impact, using the whole plant or animal is a concept that’s quickly gaining traction and surfacing in new products and line extensions.

Taking deliberate steps to position itself at the forefront of each of these trends and taking a holistic view of product, people, and planet, Harmless Harvest is one example of 2017 could be the year of showing the power of one business to make a difference.


This article first appeared on FlavorfulWorld.com.



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