Blue Ramen, A Bacon Toaster, A Waffle Bowl Maker, and Oreo-Flavored Beer

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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When the Ramen Goes Blue

Kipposhi is the name of a ramen joint located mere minutes from Tokyo’s famous Sky Tree that’s serving up bowls of it noble with a blue-tinged broth. Customers willing to part with a cool 900 yen (roughly $8.00 USD) can enjoy a bowl of the ramen in its signature blue chicken broth, which is said to be delicious and is made via Chinese cooking techniques. It would be easy to assume its cerulean hue was the mere product of some additive or coloring ingredient, but this doesn’t appear to be the case with this dish as intriguing as it is visually stunning when adorned with sliced chicken, fresh greens, and salted egg.

That noise you just heard was the sound of Instagram bursting at the seams with pictures just like the one to the left.

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Bacon Be Toastin’, Amirite?

Nostalgia Electrics has created a bacon toaster—pardon me, a Bacon! Toaster!—that it is calling the Bacon Express. The device cooks six strips of bacon at a time, vertically, thereby allowing the drippings to flow away from the meat for a slightly healthier pig strip. It works with thick cut bacon as well as regular (going so far as to rock adjustment settings, not only for the thickness of your meat but also for how crispy you wanna roll). An easy clean design and non-stick insulated doors make this item one to watch if you love meat candy.

Because bacon over everything, that’s why!

Bacon. Over. Everything.

[Video courtesy of NostalgiaElectrics YouTube channel.]

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Waffling Encouraged

If someone had told me that waffles were about to get a lot more fun to make and eat, I’d have told them to pull the other one while they were at it. I would have said this before I saw this Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker and came to a somewhat disturbing realization about myself: for all my food ramblings, I’ve never truly eaten a waffle. Because I’ve never lifted a crisp, warm one out of a shaping device designed to make it easily fillable with other foods. This will remain true until such time as I get to experience eating a bowl-shaped waffle loaded with bacon and eggs or fruit and whipped cream or an ice cream sundae any other a fair dozen other tasty options. The point I’m making is that it could be time I stopped procrastinating and started waffling.

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Cookie Dat Brew Up

Richmond, Virginia’s own Veil Brewing has added a very special not-so-secret ingredient to a batch of its Hornswoggler 7% chocolate milk stout: “hundred of pounds of Oreo cookies.” It is suggested that some residual fermentable sugar may remain in this beer (though, we can’t imagine that comes as a surprise to many) which drinkers are advised to keep as chill as possible and drink sooner than later to experience the freshest cookie character. As it tends to go with innovative potables, the first run of this beer is a limited one, with only about 55-80 cases released. But it’s hard to imagine that popularity with customers won’t drag this one back into the spotlight soon enough. A world where the combined might of Oreos and beer isn’t enough to warrant an encore is a world I’m not sure I care to live in.

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