How to Eat Your Way Through Dubai

Contributed by Stephan Essex

Food is a big part of life, as you know. It’s also a big part of choosing where to go on holiday. Holidays are about indulgence – that doesn’t mean overeating! Indulging in the smells, the sights and the tastes of a new country, a new city, is what makes a holiday.

We choose where we go based on what there is on offer and when choosing to visit somewhere far-flung and brand new, food should be right up there in your list of things to do in Dubai. Having an excellent idea of Emirati cuisine will prepare you for what you need to taste when you get there. There will be new dishes that you won’t be used to and the food won’t be anything like you’ve tried before. The cuisine is inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine fused to create something simply amazing. It’s just not just one style of food but the inspiration for the flavours is just fantastic.

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It’s likely you’ll need some guidance on where to start with your culinary journey. If you speak to the hotel staff where you stay, they can point you in the right direction for some fantastic restaurants, and as Dubai is dripping in luxury, you’ll never eat anything less than first-class dishes.

While you won’t find it in the local supermarket at home, camel is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai. Emirati dishes like to include camel and when you see a stuffed camel on the menu, you absolutely need to try it! As a roasted meat stuffed with spices and different herbs, you’ll not experience anything so tender and rich. It’s also a meat that’s fairly cheap to buy, so by packing your holiday menu with camel dishes, you won’t be spending much but will still get that touch of chic.


Emirati food, as we mentioned, is inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. This means that it is packed with spice and chilis, so if you have a problem with spicy food, you’ll be ordering pizza to your hotel room with ease instead. One thing you’ll find—spicy or not—is that the authentic street food is oozing with flavour. Dubai is famed for the luxury lifestyle after all, and that can cost money if you’re eating out in restaurants every day. By choosing to go for street food, you can eat inexpensively but just as heartily as you would at any beautiful restaurant. Make sure you go for the Shawarma when you go out. Deliciously spiced meat in a floury wrap is as authentic Emirati as they come. Top it with mint sauce and salad and you’ve a meal on the go to die for.

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With Dubai being a Muslim area, you’ll not find sausages for breakfast or roasted pork on the menu. But with lamb, camel, chicken and beef all popular with the locals, you won’t be short of options. Get stuffed when you get to Dubai – in the best way possible!


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