3 Places to Catch Breathtaking Natural Phenomena While Enjoying Local Delicacies

Contributed by Sarah Jones

There’s more to our planet than merely the place you grew up in or the same old holiday destinations you visit every summer. There’s more to be seen than just a pool, a few people sunbathing, and a bit of sun. There’s a whole universe of out-of-this-world phenomena to see out there that you should definitely try to visit at least once. And whilst you’re there, you may as well try some of the local delicacies.

Experience The Midnight Sun phenomenon, which takes places in the northernmost sections of Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Norway. If you want to see the Midnight Sun, it only occurs in the summer months, so you may have to skip that ‘on the beach’ holiday this year. And you definitely should, if not to see that, then to experience the culinary wonders of these different countries and cultures. There are a number of top foods to try in Sweden for instance, including the kanelbulle: it’s hard to avoid these delicious spiced rolls when in Sweden, though they’re definitely not to be avoided. Iceland offers hangikjöt, a smoked lamb, as well as skyr, the famous not-actually-a-yoghurt-but-nobody-cares product that is technically a soft cheese, and a number of other delightful, and maybe not so delightful delicacies which you can see here. And Norway can’t be forgotten when it comes to delicious cuisine: the national dish, a mutton stew known as fårikål, is not to be missed. But don’t stop there, make sure to continue your culinary journey through Europe.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

But if you want to go a bit further afield, head to Venezuela where you can see the Catatumbo lightning — an atmospheric phenomenon in Venezuela that occurs only over the Catatumbo River 140 to 160 nights a year — and then try some of its main dishes like: arepa, a type of food made of ground maize dough or cooked flour; chicharrón, a dish generally consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rinds; or a manioca, a deep fried cornmeal ring.

Image: Flickr

If you fancy something a little less scary than terrifying thunderstorms, however, then you could fly on over to Christmas Island and see all the Red Crabs it has to offer. Each year, an estimated 43 million land crabs migrate to the island to lay their eggs, and seeing them all scurry along the beach is something to behold. And once you’re done with the crabs, you can tuck into the eclectic mix that is Christmas Island cuisine. It boasts a combination of Australian, Asian and Malaysian dishes — if you want to try something new, then this is for you! You could even sample some of the plethora of wild food that grows there, like the pya, mango and jackfruit.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

So, if you want to chase the world’s phenomenons, or simply want to sample as much weird and wonderful food from around the globe as you can, then these three places are definitely worth paying a visit!

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