Grilled Food Can Be Good for You With These Tips

Contributed by Sarah Jones

There’s been a few debates lately about whether grilled food is actually good for us or not. Some claim that it’s one of the worst things you can do to your food, but others stand by the notion that it’s as healthy as can be. Of course there are a couple of things that can make grilling food a little unhealthy. It’s the same with anything! However, there are also some tips out there that can make it insanely good for us, just as we thought. Here’s how to make sure your grilled food is as delicious and healthy as possible, as well as information on what can make it unhealthy:


Grilled Fruits and Vegetables Taste Delicious

You don’t just have to grill meat on the grill. You can grill fruits and vegetables too! This makes them taste even more delicious, and encourages people to get their intake up. You can definitely get your recommended 5-7 portions a day this way, and it won’t even feel like a chore. Some of the foods that taste amazing on the grill include pineapple, peppers, mushrooms, and corn on the cob. However, there are so many more you can use. They make great accompaniments to your mains, or even brilliant desserts and starters. You can get really creative, stay healthy, and get that great barbecue flavor this way. It’s a great way to cater for vegetarians and vegans too!


Avoid Using High Fat Cuts Of Meat

Avoid using high fat cuts of meat on the grill, and you’ll do yourself so many favors. First of all, you won’t be consuming as much ‘bad fat’. Everyone knows that lean meats are better for us. Plus, when fat drips onto the grill, it can create dangerous chemicals that are infused into the meat, making it bad for us. This is why you should buy lean cuts or trim the fat. Lean, healthy meats will still taste amazing, and you’ll be contributing to good health. You could even make sure you pair a tasty drink with your meat to make it taste even better.


Marinate To Reduce HCAs

Even marinating your food on the grill, which you’d likely do anyway, can reduce harmful HCAs. HCAs can cause cancer, but some experts suggest that marinating your meats and things can reduce these by at least 80%. You usually need to marinate different things for different amounts of time. For instance, chicken may only need to be marinating for a few hours. If you’re not cooking it right after, you should put it in the fridge. Safe marinating will make your food taste incredible, and you’ll reduce those scary HCAs.

Scrape Down And Clean Your Grill

Whenever you’re finished using your grill, scrape it down and clean it. This will reduce carcinogenic residue, which can be extremely dangerous. You definitely don’t want those things infused in your food the next time you use your grill! Make sure it’s totally clean before you put it away ready for the next round of grilled cooking.


Choose A Quality Grill And Work It Properly

Choosing a quality grill is going to make your food cook faster and better. It’s going to ensure more even cooking of your food. If you want to ensure you have the best grill for this, Fire Food Chef and similar sites can offer a few recommendations. Whichever grill you have, you need to ensure you work it properly, too. This sometimes means moving your food around the grill to ensure it’s getting even cooking. It doesn’t always need to be on the hottest, most flaming part of the grill.


Reduce Charring

Ideally, you want to reduce charring on your food too. This means shorter cooking times for most foods, including meats and veg. Charring can be dangerous to eat, according to research and studies. You can look online to see the recommended cooking temperatures for most meats and foods, to ensure you stay as safe as you can. Straying from these can be more dangerous than most people realize. Studies show that people who eat well-done meats tend to develop more diseases in the long run. By making sure you reduce cooking and charring times, you’ll stay as healthy as possible!

Grilling is still one of the healthiest ways of cooking your food, as long as you stick to these tips. If you have your own grilled food tips and advice, leave a comment below.

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