Get Wed at Taco Bell, Kahlo-Inspired Tapas, Coffee Butter, and McDonald’s “Straw of the Future”

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Weddings Go Crunchy…and Spicy

Beginning this summer, Las Vegas weddings rites administered by drive-thru or presided over by the impersonated likes of Gene Simmons and Elvis Presley will be joined by a new themed nuptials option.  Taco Bell has a wedding chapel there that will marry you and give you swag. We’re talking T-shirts, Champagne glasses, and more. No word on whether attendees get to toss cascades of chalupas over the happy couple instead of rice. That act could get expensive, not to mention prove permanently ruinous to wedding day finery, so let’s hope not. Still, if you’re among those special humans who feel like getting hitched in a fast food joint is something you could be all about under the right conditions, then go west (coast), friends, and make it happen. [Video courtesy of Taco Bell YouTube channel]

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I’d Tapas That

A new tapas spot expected to open in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood this September will rock a Frida Kahlo-inspired theme. Inspired by the celebrated Mexican painter’s life and works, the menu will feature small plates bearing dishes like sopa de lima with chicken broth and pimiento along with locally-sourced beers and mezcal cocktails (once its liquor license is a go), while the restaurant motif will offer up details of the artist’s life throughout the dining room. Husband and wife team Fernando and Paula Lopez, originally hailing from Colombia, count their travels in Mexico among their inspirations for the enterprise, along with Kahlo’s spirit of perseverance in the face of adversities faced throughout her life. it is probably that September in New York City can’t arrive soon enough for food-loving Kahlo enthusiasts. What’s certain is that when it arrives, it will come full of flavor.

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They Call Him Spreadable Joe

Coffee and toast go together like…well, butter and toast. Japanese dairy giant Megmilk Snow Brand Company is now bringing coffee and butter together (presumably, an affair that began behind toast’s back at first) to celebrate its 55th anniversary in a product dubbed Coffee Butter. A spreadable version of the company’s popular Snow Brand coffee, the product is made for smearing on bread, toast, muffins, and the like. We’re willing to bet your croissants and crepes’ll take some of that action, too. The product will be available for 230 yen (about $2.00 USD) beginning from March 1st. That wave of heat you just felt was the jealousy radiating from standard table butter and margarine right about now.

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This Straw Sucks on So Many Levels

McDonald’s is responsible for the creation of a drinking straw said to deliver an optimal tasting experience in beverages with more than one flavor element. For an example, look no further than the chocolate-and-mint flavor layers found in its coveted Chocolate Shamrock Shake, a recent comer to the chain’s ever-expanding menu. The invention, which Mickey’s D’s engineering collaborators are calling the “Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal”—or S.T.R.A.W, colloquially—will be available in limited quantities at some McDonald’s locations, because of course it will. In the meantime, they’ll be given away free to a select few individuals very soon. And by “select few,” we of course mean those of you willing to loiter around for the next few weeks until the next bread crumb (i.e., bit of detail regarding how to score a STRAW to call your very own) drops. You’ve been warned.

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