Beer Review: Samuel Adams Rebel IPA and Rebel Juiced IPA

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the beers discussed here were provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Boston’s celebrated Samuel Adams brewery has been busy as of late. Months of trial batch experimentation and taking advantage of newly cultivated hops has produced an updated version of one of its flagship beers, Rebel IPA. While this alone should seem more than enough to interest beers drinkers far and wide, its Rebel Juiced IPA, (which those of you in the know may recall was first introduced last October on draft) is now available in cans and bottles. One of those bottles of Sam’s Tropical India Pale Ale came our way recently, along with a bottle of the reformulated Rebel IPA, the latter featuring some hops that weren’t readily available when the beer debuted back in 2014.

Rebel IPA

Deep gold with vibrant hoppy aromatics, Rebel IPA has a bright taste that finishes clean and crisp. Pouring this beer rouses a frothy head of fine, spirited bubbles. Joining the hops in its bouquet are an extroverted pine needle essence and more subtle intimations of grass and wood that declare their presences loudest after swallowing. Juicy hints of citrus fruit play quietly amidst the more vocal and attention-grabbing hops that lead its flavor profile. That barely-there sweetness does an artisan’s job of sanding the edges of this 6.5% abv beer’s more bitter aspects, working in harmony with them to create a well-rounded IPA with structure that is satisfying and balanced.


Rebel Juiced IPA

A West Coast IPA, Rebel Juiced is a medium-bodied 6.2% abv brew of slightly veiled gold color. Its lively head bursts with sun-ripened aromatic splashes of tropical fruit like fresh mango and passion fruit, as well as bringing citrus twists of grapefruit and tangerine to the table. On the palate, the mango steps to the forefront of its flavor character, supported by an expressive abundance of hops and citrus, with the taste of oranges in particular coming forward for bows. The mango reclaims the spotlight in this beer’s finish, which is understated in its sweetness and long in duration.


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