Ramen Cats, Netflix Beer, Cockroach Flour, and Maple Syrup Spa Baths

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Cats Are Difficult Kitchen Taskmasters

If you’ve spent more than ten seconds on this site, you know that the prep and presentation of ramen noodles is a topic to which we’ve afforded no small degree of attention. Imagine out delight to learn that there are at least two cats on the planet that are as enraptured of the dish as we are. While the method depicted in this video by Jun Yoshizuki (of Jun’s Kitchen fame) might seem to take the long way around to reach the steaming, umami-rich promised land, rest assured that the journey is worth taking (and not only because I want Jun’s kitchen knives like there’s no tomorrow). Jun’s feline onlookers appear to agree. [Video courtesy of JunsKitchen YouTube channel]

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Image: Razan Webhi

Netflix ‘n Chill (Some Beer)

Perhaps alcoholic beverages finally grew jealous of having the word “binge” applied to television-viewing with the same abandon that it used to apply to boozy overindulgence. Perhaps it’s a statement on the destructive power that too much of a good thing can wreak upon unsuspecting lives. What’s certain is that a line of Netflix-inspired beers has been conceptualized by graphic design student Razan Wehbi, and they sound like  more than a little bit of fun waiting to happen. Themed after three of Netflix’s most popular series—Stranger Things, Sense8, and House of Cards—each bottle’s label works show references into the beer’s description. As one example, Stranger Things gets a stout that’s “darker than the upside down.” I won’t hold my breath for a beer based on one of my favorite Netflix shows, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, but let’s just say that if one were to find its way into existence, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

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Image: Neatolicious

Survival of the Most Finely-Milled

In these uncertain times, it’s difficult to say with any conviction that there won’t perhaps come a time when humankind finds itself pressed to some dire straits in terms of feeding ourselves with what we’ve got. Should the day come that we need to get inventive due to food scarcity, two Brazilian scientists are at work finding the means for us to do so by using one of our most reviled pests for sustenance. Their efforts, aimed at using cockroaches (hardy, indomitable little buggers that they are) in our diet in the form of flour. It’s as distasteful a proposition as you’ll hear all day, but in these uncertain times, there’s no rejecting anything out of hand. Created by Andressa Lucas and Lauren Menegon, employed at the Federal University of Rio Grande, the cockroach flour is said to contain 40% more protein than wheat flour and high in amino acids and other beneficial elements. So at least nutrition has been taken into consideration, should we ever find ourselves pressed to the direct necessity of subsisting on insects, a thought that almost feels comforting.

In these uncertain times.

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Image: Yunessun

A Li’l Sweet Relief After That Waffle Stack

Japanese resort Yunessun is known for offering its guests a variety of unusual bath options. Beginning today one more joins its roster of relaxation soaks in substances from wine to green tea. Its “hot cake bath” is a maple-and-vanilla-scented experience that gets actual maple syrup added to it three times a day. The syrup baths are presented in collaboration with Japanese confection company Morinaga, which is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its pancake mix. The experience is slated to hang around until April 25th or so, meaning there’s still some time (not a lot, but some) for those who’ll be in the area between now and then to come up smelling like breakfast.

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[Top image: Razan Wehbi]



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