While You’re Reading This, “Meat Cakes” Are Happening in Japan

While all of us were sleeping, Japan went and raised the celebratory cake bar. More appropriately, it launched the bar into the mesosphere.

The word yakiniku is a Japanese style of dining that focuses on grilled meats. Patrons to such establishments are seated at tables equipped with gas or electric grills, and served uncooked meat(s) of their choosing, which they get to enjoy grilling over drinks and pleasant, protein-scented conversation. At this very moment, there’s a good chance that somewhere in Japan, some yakiniku table filled with happy restaurant patrons is doing that very thing, except that their serving of uncooked meat has been styled into the likeness of a cake.

The concept isn’t a brand new one; “meat cakes,” or niku kēki as they’re known in Japan, have been around for a few years, though their popularity appears to be resurging in restaurants throughout the country. What’s not to love, after all, about one beloved food form (a literal mountain of meat, am I right? Where my carnivores at?) arranged to masquerade as another of the most beloved edibles ever to exist (cake in all its sugary splendor)?

And while it’s true that these aren’t “cakes” in the traditional sense, they hew close enough visually that one of these is all I want for each of my next seven birthdays.

Via Kotaku

This article first appeared on FlavorfulWorld.com.

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