Shower Oranges, Disturbing Food Carvings, a “Cheesebomb” Burger, and a $25K Taco No One Asked For

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Citrus Power Shower Devour

In these uncertain times, it’s no wonder that some people are desperate to find any scrap of comfort to cling to, however slight, however packed with vitamin C. For a distinct and growing group of individuals, that search has brought them to a state of naked awareness where life is best eaten with one’s hands. While standing in the shower. There’s a subgroup on Reddit comprised of thousands of people who have discovered happiness, enlightenment, and other fulfilling states of being from the simple act of devouring oranges in a shower with their bare hands. They claim the fruit tastes better in the steamy environment that a shower provides, as well as the fact that one can get as messy as one likes as they tear into the fleshy orbs without remaining that way for long. While the visual, that of our fellow netizens snacking in their bathrooms while naked and wet, isn’t one that we intend to linger on, the practice obviously has some appeal to those who’ve gone there. So if you wanna take a bite of it, we won’t judge you.


Image: Gaku

Carving Artist

Mukimono is a Japanese word for an art medium that involves carving intricate designs and patterns into fruit and raw vegetables.  While none would argue that the precision required to accomplish such feats is impressive, one finished product of an artist who goes by the Instagram handle of Gaku are being met with mixed reactions. There are those who find viewing the images disturbing. There those who find the images downright nauseating. And in each case, those suffering with these feelings do so without know why. The short answer involves the possibility of a proposed phobia setting off many a case of the willies. This in no way detracts from the artist’s near otherworldly skills (included among which is speed, when one weighs how quickly apples oxidize when cut against the lack of any brownness in his creations that utilize them). But it could explain those raised hairs on the back of my neck on staring for too long at that broccoli carving. Regardless, Gaku’s work is a marvel worth appreciating by lovers of art and food alike, and it is worth noting that the artist is said to eat his every masterpiece after photographing it, so that his craft produces no food waste.

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Burgers of Liquid Gold

Ever wondered what you get when you add a 6-oz. burger and an 8-oz mug full of molten cheddar cheese? Yeah, we never did either, but Maxwell’s Bar and Grill in London has, and we’re glad for it. The establishment has answered that query in the former of the Cheesebomb Burger. Just look at it. Watch that gold goodness flow over the whole affair and revel from a moment in existing at the same point in time as this burger. [Video courtesy of Viral See YouTube channel.]

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Image: Grand Velas Los Cabos

Un Taco Price Tag Grande

$25,000 can buy a lot of things; some of them useful, some necessary. It can also buy some downright frivolous things, things that flabbergast a reasonable person with their very existence. The $25,000 taco available at Baja, Mexico’s Grand Velas Los Cabos resort may fall into the latter category. No one can say that Executive Chef Juan Licerio Alcala, creator of the decadent dish, didn’t pull out every stop in trying to make the item’s price tag justifiable. Among its ingredients, one will find black truffle brie, langoustine, Beluga caviar, Kobe beef, and a salsa made with ultra-premium añejo tequila and kopi luwak coffee beans. Served on a gold-infused tortilla, the world’s priciest taco would seem like a magnet for foodies with money to burn, however as of this writing, no resort visitor has yet ventured to taste one.

We don’t know why…if dropping twenty-five large for a single taco that comes with the option of pairing it with a $125K bottle of tequila for maximum enjoyment is wrong, then who among us wants to be right?


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