These Updated Candy Slogans Plant Tongue Firmly in Cheek

Marketing professionals burn copious volumes of midnight oil trying to come up with memorable phrases for consumers to forever associate with particular products. Perhaps they should just start asking Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant to help them out. Wysaski paid a local grocer a recent visit and was kind enough to leave behind a few calling cards in the form of updated (and in some cases, brutally honest) slogans for some of our favorite sweets.

Mister Wysaski’s updated slogans realize that since we only pass this way once, you might as well have some fun along the way, right?


They know what keeps you awake at night.


They know that there definitely IS a joke, but it’s not on you; it’s on everybody else.


They encourage you to let your chosen flag fly, even if that flag is covered in arachnids.


You see through to the core of us, Mister Wysaski. And we thank you.


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