A Chef Wears His Food, Power Rangers Donuts, Skewered Pancakes, and Cool Cooking Improv

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Image: Robert Harrison

He Is What You Eat

Confession: On viewing the series of images born of the artistic collaboration between Chef Robbie Postma and visual designer Richard Harrison, my first thought was “For the love of  (insert name of whatever deity you believe in, or “kumquats” if you’re an atheist), Why? Why why why WHY?”

But second consideration brought me more aware the impressive magnitude of patience and skill involved in applying the entirety of a chef’s menu to his face, and doing so in a way that is, to say the least, photogenic in a remarkable way. Postma, agency chef at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, paired with Harrison for a photography project called MENU, which will feature their joint efforts on April 3rd at a professional photography event. With each item of food placed by hand, unaided by digital manipulation, some shots are said to have taken up to nine hours to set up. While that’s an intolerable length of time to wait for food in any other context, it results in some striking imagery certain to stay with viewers and maybe even make them hungry.

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Image: Krispy Kreme

Go Go Movie Tie-In Pastry

So, people my age who reside in the U.S. might remember the day that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television program made its debut and upended everything we thought we knew about superhero-themed programs that were not cartoons. Well,  rest assured, the actual Japanese version of the program is far superior in every way with the impending movie adaptation due in theaters soon, doughnut powerhouse Krispy Kreme has partnered with Lionsgate Studios to create a line of Power Rangers-themed doughnuts to promote the upcoming Saban’s Power Rangers movie. They’re available as a limited run at participating Krispy Kreme locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and the partnership between Lionsgate and Krispy Kreme has furthermore resulted in the virtual opening of the doughnut chain’s first-ever digital shop, Krispy Kreme Angel Grove (Angel Grove being the name of the town where the Rangers make their stand against the forces of evil). The doughnuts get dressed with a dip in chocolate icing before getting dusted with edible silver sprinkles and having a decorative lightning bolt applied in one of five colors corresponding to the hue of each Ranger’s armor. The sweets will only be around until April 2nd, though, so get ’em while they’re hot.

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Image: www.atpress.ne.jp

You Can Take Those Pancakes and Stick ‘Em

At Osaka Kawaii Panbo, a person with a mind to eat sweet foods off a stick can revel in the splendor that is the “Kushi pancake.” The shop opened not long ago in a western district of the Japanese prefecture, and is making its mark on Osaka’s food culture by skewering pancake servings along with fruit, marshmallows, and assorted toppings. Not a bad way to go about things, as the skewers are available in servings of three or five pancakes which customers get to finish off with sauces, sprinkles, and other sweet accoutrements of their choosing. I imagine one hasn’t lived until one has found a way to utilize every single sauce and topping in a single order, and just like that I’ve set a new personal goal in life. Or perhaps one has been set for me. On a stick.

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Now She’s Cooking With…Everything

Either this office has the most lax fire safety standards of all time, or this griddlemistress has the most understanding (and, no doubt, secretly envious) co-workers ever. This video, wherein a woman applies no small level of ingenuity to fashioning a cooking surface out of her workplace computer tower, is but one of many to feature her alternative cooking methods. Using the likes of a clothing iron, empty soft drink cans, and a floor tile, she doesn’t just make some remarkable-looking food, but does it in ways that would put MacGyver to shame. [Video courtesy of 办公室小野 YouTube channel]

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[Top image: www.atpress.ne.jp]

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