Product Review: D’vash Date Nectar

Reviewer’s Note: Product sample discussed here was provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

I should begin by saying that I am later—due to recent personal misfortunes that needn’t be outlined here—than I expected to be in getting this review online. This product made its debut this past Valentine’s Day, and I was included among the chosen few to be allowed a taste ahead of its launch. This bestowed upon me the honor of being among the first in what will doubtless be an ever-expanding line of tasters who came away from a sampling pleased enough to tell others why.

Made by D’vash Organics, D’vash Date Nectar is a vegan, gluten-free product made entirely using organic California dates. As I’ve wrtten before, something that leads me to like a product right away is its having lots of potential applications. Here, D’vash Date Nectar scores immediate points, as its uses are innumerable. It adds an exotic flavor element when drizzled over fresh berries, poached fruit, waffles, or dessert crepes. Its dried fruit essences taste right at home in a cup of hot tea or tisane. It’s a tasty way to sweeten up a dish of Greek yogurt, as well as a health-conscious option since it contains less sugar that you’ll find in honey (which has tended more often than not to be my sweetener of choice) or agave nectar. Using a bit to infuse fresh whipped cream produced pleasing results, as did applying a trickle over the tops of cooled, baked items like cookies and muffins.

One needn’t confine its usage to dessert and snack time, either. The marinade formed by mixing it into a bit of yogurt contributes welcome caramelized flavors to chicken and lamb. Added to whatever liquid you favor (wine, meat or vegetable stock, etc.) when deglazing your pan post-meat searing, it infuses the resulting sauce with a candied subtlety certain to enliven your meal. Veggies that are themselves already somewhat sweet take well to a glaze form with this nectar, as do baked or poached fatty fish like salmon.

That this product is fat-free and antioxidant-rich as well as non-GMO should please anyone concerned for the nutritional merits of what goes into their body. That it tastes great and is capable of finding a home in every course of your next meal should please everyone else. Learn more about D’vash Organics and its Date Nectar at

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