A Cloud Rains Tequila, Spinach As Heart Tissue, A Mukbang Restaurant, and Spaghetti Donuts

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What’s life Without Silver Lining?

No disrespect to The Weather Girls, but it had better be raining something more interesting than men if anyone expects me to shout “Hallelujah!” in response to a downpour. Because great minds drink alike (not a typo!), the Mexico Tourism board, working along with ad agency Lapiz, has engineered a cloud that rains tequila whenever it rains in Germany. It works by converting the alcohol into a mist that condenses back into a delicious drinkable state to delight thirsty spectators. Installed in a Berlin art gallery, the cloud was created in the hope of drawing tourists to Mexico’s sunny shores during the colder, rainier months of the year (a point it drove home by allowing gallery guests to taste the rain for free). All I can say is beat that, sake brewers of Japan and Spanish winemakers (preferably those from the Rioja area)…

Via The Telegraph

Spinach Gets to the Heart of Things

Scientists at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts have found a way to convert spinach leaves into beating human heart tissue. While 3D printing has made possible some remarkable advancements, creating cardiac tissue has not been one of them due to the difficulty of replicating the tiny vessels that deliver blood throughout the tissue to maintain crucial tissue health. Spinach leaves however, grow with delicate branching networks that carry nutrients and water to the leaf cells, much as our veins move blood through our bodies. By removing the plant cells from a spinach leaf, scientists succeeded in isolating the scaffold of cellulose that is left behind. Applying live human cells to that frame, scientists were able to grow human tissue onto it, right down to the tiny vessels needed to carry blood to and fro. So, as if spinach didn’t offer up enough possibilities in the kitchen, it’s now proving its worth in the laboratory. Looks like a certain cartoon seafaring spinach advocate for devouring the stuff straight from the can was right all along. [Video courtesy of WPI YouTube channel.]

Via National Geographic

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So What’cha Gonna Chew?

Restaurant Beijing8 has opened a section of its dining room for people seeking some mukbang for their bucks. Mukbang is the term for an eating trend of Korean origin wherein one takes a large meal in front of a webcam-equipped computer while viewers tune in to watch. Broadcasts of this nature often involve the eater chatting with viewers or taking SFW requests for meal-related acts to perform on camera. In the restaurant’s mukbang section, one can revel in the attention of total strangers who find it fascinating to watch people eat. Beijing8’s debuting this at its locations in Finland and Sweden and claiming to be the first restaurant to do so makes an official mystery of why bringing this trend with origins in Korea into public dining establishments apparently didn’t occur to restaurateurs located there. Regardless, it exists now, and that’s something we all have to live (and eat) with.

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Spaghnutti? Doughnetti?

Okay. All right, seriously. Enough is enough.

Yeah, I said it.

If we’re going to keep things 100 around here, then let’s be real about something: of all the dessert pastries in the world, the doughnut has to be the one least in need of hybridizing or otherwise attempting to improve upon. Brooklyn, NY-based Pop Pasta would seem to disagree, as it has created a spaghetti-doughnut chimera that while visually intriguing, doesn’t entice me to want to bite it in the slightest. This conveniently portable hand pasta will be making the scene at Smorgasbord Williamsburg this weekend, making the fact that tomorrow is April 1st feel more fitting somehow. For all I know, the things are delicious and we who doubted them will soon find our faces caked with fresh egg, but I fear I shall never know, because I won’t be tasting one any time soon. A note though, to all ye young troopers with more anarchic taste buds than I can claim: Have at it, and if I’m wrong about them and they truly are the world’s eighth wonder, let me know in the comment section below.

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