PB & J Coffee, Vending Machines’ Junk Food “Time Tax”, An Underwater Winery, and 40-oz. Rosé

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Image: Bones Coffee Company

Sip Ya Peanut Butter Jelly Widda Baseball Bat

Florida-based Bones Coffee Company wants to caffeinate your inner child.  This could be the brewer’s only reason for rolling out a blend of its coffee last month that boasts the flavors of peanut butter and jelly. On the palate, the brew is said to begin with sweet grape notes before finishing with the classic creaminess of everyone’s favorite nut butter. A 16-oz. bag goes for $19.99, while laying out $29.99 will get you a five-item 4-oz. bag sampler that features the nostalgic PB & J blend along with other inventive signature Bones Coffee flavors. Interested parties seeking to feel like a kid again, but in a way that doesn’t altogether gloss over their status as an honest-to-goodness grown-up, can find them all here.

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Places To Go, Health Food to Eat

It’s been dubbed a “time tax”. One might as easily call it an exercise in foodie frustration. Whatever one calls it, the extra 25 seconds that an experimental vending machine designed by one Rush University Medical Center professor takes to drop unhealthy food purchases makes for a compelling social experiment. While healthy foods placed inside professor Brad Appelhans’ machine are dropped right away once paid for, the machine is fitted with a mechanism that makes one wait nearly half a minute to receive their purchase if the item they covet is deemed junk food (said designation being determined by parameters aimed at calorie count and sodium and sugar amounts among others). The idea is that, in this age of instant gratification when virtually every conceivable pleasure source can be attained with one or two clicks of a mouse, having to wait would inspire people to opt for the healthier, quicker option. That it has shown signs of working is encouraging, as is the thought of more vending machines carrying healthier snack options in the future.

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Wine Takes A Dip

How to open and serve Navis Mysterium Amphora from Edivo on Vimeo.

Edivo Vina is the name of a winery in Croatia that takes its winemaking practices to a place one could describe with accuracy as “unexpected”. It ages its wine in amphorae (clay jugs used in ancient winemaking) at the bottom of Croatia’s Mali Ston Bay for 1-2 years before hauling the product up to be enjoyed. That period of storage in the clay is said to impart a certain aromatic quality. That it also enables one with a paternal sense of humor to make “sleeping with the fishes”-themed jokes to his heart’s content is perhaps an unintended by-product of this winemaking process certain to delight divers braving the briny depths of the bay, as well as wine-drinkers. When brought up from the sea, the amphorae often come covered with seashells and marine life that would seem to enhance their visual appeal. Just be careful about opening said jugs; there is a right way and a wrong way. Better perhaps to allow someone as skilled as the two gentlemen in the above video to do it for you. [Video courtesy of Evivo Vina Winery.]

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Image: Forty Ounce Wines / Instagram

40 Ounces of Summer

So there’s rosé wine for sale in 40-ounce bottles now.

I’m trust I’m not the only person conflicted by the concept.

On one hand, the forty has in the past been associated with some less-than-top shelf alcoholic beverages. On the other, there’s no overstating the appeal of a larger bottle of fair-to -ood wine with an inexpensive price tag. I’d say I suppose I’ll have to try it for myself, except that I doubt I’ll have reason to travel to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, or California in the near future, and as of this writing, those are the only places to lay your lips on a bottle of the stuff. If anyone reading this has tried it, please share your experience with the product in our Comments section.

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