A Bulgari Easter Egg, A McFlurry Machine Status App, Judas Foods, and Clear Coffee

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Image: Bulgari

Easter Eggs By Bulgari

With Easter Sunday arriving this weekend, it occurs to me that some folks just know how to make life better. In the Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan, a wanderer with a sweet tooth and some coin they’re willing to part with will find Il Cioccolato, the Bulgari brand’s specialty chocolate shop. To celebrate this Sunday’s holiday, the store’s two locations recently sold a limited-edition sweet called the Uovo di Pasqua (which translates to “Easter Egg”) for 6K yen (About $55.00 USD). The exquisitely-decorated hollow chocolate egg, said to possess an elegance that is “reminiscent of Bulgari jewels”, comes bedecked with gold leafing and is fashioned from bitter chocolate. One of the fifty eggs produced carried inside it a special surprise that the bunny himself would envy: a voucher for an afternoon tea box at the Bulgari II Bar.

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Image: IceCheck.co

What the World Needs Now, Apparently

Because Spring is here and Summer is coming, the need for direct and immediate access to cold refreshment will be of more pressing concern for the next several months. While the McDonald’s McFlurry fills the bill admirably in that area, the ice cream machines crucial to producing said treats are known to be pretty high-maintenance, in that it doesn’t take much to put one out of commission for an extended period. Enter Ice Check, an app that McDonald’s unveiled not long ago, designed to clue you in to which McDonald’s restaurants in your vicinity have working ice cream machines and which ones don’t.


The app, released today, will also slide you a coupon when the machines are down, and provide step-by-step directions to locations, so you have no excuse for not getting something cold and sweet into your mouth during the warm seasons.

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Don’t Turn Your Back on these Foods

The Easter holiday is known to rouse various traditional foods and meals to mind. Less widely known is that a significant number of items eaten and drunk during the lead-up to Easter are tied to Judas Iscariot, the Christian Biblical villain and betrayer of Jesus Christ. Examples like Judas Ale, Judas Ear mushroom, a Judas Malbec, and so on, all take their names from the traitorous twelfth apostle. Recent years have seen restaurants and bakeries restoring Judas’ place among their Easter-themed menus, including entrées with names like “Judas Casserole” (as was done at Pennsylvania restaurant Peter’s Europa House) and including references to him if not by name, then by number (as with the heretofore omitted twelfth marzipan ball reclaiming its position on the Easter simnel cakes popular in England.) The wealth of foods and beverages named for the reviled turncoat is remarkable, though making treachery taste delicious seems like a slippery slope that many would choose to avoid.

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Image: Clear Coffee

See-Through Brew

Being low in calories and dispelling woes about coffee-stained teeth are two of the touted benefits of a bottled brew called Clear Coffee. Founded in London by brothers David and Adam Nagy, Clear Coffee is free of preservatives and artificial flavors, and is made from Arabica beans of high quality. The brothers came up with their own formula for brewing after one too many disappointments with standard coffee, and the result of their efforts is this new colorless drink. A two-bottle package is selling for £5.99, with a single bottle said to provide enough of a boost to carry one through an entire day. While the novelty effect of certain foods and beverages isn’t always enough to merit my wanting to experience them (looking at you, blue wine) this is one that I would taste with enthusiasm.

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