Product Review: Tayst Coffee Roasters

Tayst is a coffee brewer that was unfamiliar to me before I enjoyed a recent opportunity to sample its products. That tasting experience would leave me pleasantly surprised by the richness of the coffee flavors (a quality not always associated with coffee sold in pods), and impressed with the technology of the pod construction. Made with hand-picked coffee beans, the coffee is packaged in 100% compostable pods that can be used with a single-serving coffee machine like a Nespresso or Keurig. The discarded pods return valuable nutrients to the soil as they break down, making them an environmentally responsible option for those seeking a quick and convenient sip. Visitors to the Tayst website will enjoy the option to subscribe to receive a monthly box of one’s selected brews, as well as make individual purchases of their favorite blends, insulated paper cups, and ceramic coffee mugs.

As for the coffees, they range from better than average to good in a way that will doubtless incite me to future purchases. Medium & Magnificent is a well-rounded blend that combines moderate acidity and supple body with furtive whispers of red and black berries to create an easy drinkability that I could enjoy daily. Medium & Heroic is mid-bodied, with subtle earthiness and electric acidity, while Bold & Brazen is a full-bodied blend that earns its name with a vibrant, earthy flavor and rich aromatics that recall dark chocolate and faint baking spices. Bold & Brilliant shares the emphatic voice of the Bold & Brazen, though in a way more nuanced, singing of cocoa, but with notes dipped in light caramel and red berries. 

Tayst coffees are a reliable option for a quick cup of coffee when time is against brewing a pot from scratch but you’re concerned about the impact of standard-design plastic coffee pods on the environment.

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