This New App is About to Make Your Food Photos a Lot More Yummi

Attention, food lovers: Before you take one more photo of some delicious thing you’re about to inhale, know that there’s a new foodie app in town, and it goes by the name Yummi.

Combining the best of Instagram, Yelp, and Facebook (and indeed, one could argue, even a smidgen of Tinder), the new Yummi app enable users to upload and store food pictures (no more running out of space on your phone because of your affinity for photogenic brunches), create a food memory log that link its contents to a specific location (bid farewell to  racking your brain trying to recall where you enjoyed that one life-changing dish you dreamed about for days afterward), and socially engage with likeminded eaters by sharing your food images (or, foodprints) publicly via Facebook and Instagram, or keep a private log of one’s food-related activities (soup for the souls of foodie extroverts and introverts alike).

Users can also get ideas and suggestions for places to dine via the social feed or from recommendations of places in their vicinity, and can even track daily nutritional intakes without having to download additional calorie tracking apps.

As for what makes Yummi unique compared to other food-themed online applications, here are some of its features:

  • Every foodprint’s timestamp is backdated and not the creation time.
  • Foodprints are organized by chronological order and display in an intuitive calendar mode
  • Foodprints are tagged to a location and catalogued to cuisines, making them searchable and sortable
  • Recalling foodprints by sorting nearest to you using the NearMe function
  • Want to keep it to just yourself? Control individual foodprint visibility by toggling to private mode
  • Able to bookmark favorite images and places to recall later
  • Search any foodprint by place, cuisine, or hashtag
  • Share your opinion on a particular dish with fun expressive stickers

Yummi was founded by a former Google executive who I recently had the opportunity to talk with about this exciting new platform:

Flavorful World: Yummi is described as being not just a food-focused social network, but as a utility tool with a social component “to enable more seamless communication and sharing on the subject of food within a trusted circle.” Why is furthering communication and sharing on this subject so important?

Yummi: If you think about it, sharing good food is inherent in us all as human beings. When we ate something amazing we instinctively want to tell someone, somebody we love. We want to share that experience so perhaps they may enjoy it too. After all, sharing is caring. But how do we communicate that experience or information today? We go to Yelp or Google Map, we copy a link, and we paste that on our choice of messaging platform. We send a link and perhaps a captured photo that way. If you think about it, that’s fine on the sender part but on the receiver end, that communication process has not deliver the end value yet. The receiver will likely lose that information in the chat history over time and hence, not get to try the food. Sharing through existing popular social platforms are not any better or actually are worst. They equate to more of an act of boasting, bragging, or teasing your audience. They will likely never get to enjoy that same experience but if they do, they must jump through lots of hoops to do so.

But sharing good food doesn’t only apply to eating from a nice restaurant. Think about cooking a great home dish that you’re proud of. Think of the days where you surprisingly discover something awesome from Trader Joe’s or Costco and you just wanna tell someone. Yummi is a platform that can be used for such sharing and communication as well.

FW: What age group(s) do you see getting the most out of Yummi, and among current users, what is showing to be its most popular feature?

Yummi: Food appeals to all age group. But I think in terms of early adopters of technology, I think it would the millennials or young working professionals in this case who have the spending power for eating out. But in terms of true low hanging fruit users, it will likely be any demographics that is already taking pics of their food and posting to social media. We’re not creating a new behaviour. We’re leveraging on these two existing behaviours but are aiming to offer features that delivers much deeper and meaningful value. Those values are helping users to not just logging a foodprint but actually easily retrieving these memories. It is this that we have a game changer here. Memories are only important if retrievable and retrievable on demand. We make this possible by enabling users to sort the Feed screen by geolocation and see friends foodprints nearest. This is very unique as opposed to Facebook and Instagram or any other social platforms with a feed where in if a user does not see a new post within 24 hours, that post will not be viewable again unless you endlessly scroll down your friends feed screen.

FW: You refer to the images created by users regarding meals they’ve enjoyed, as foodprints. If there’s any truth to the adage that we are what we eat, to what degree can we learn about a user simply from his or her foodprints?

Yummi: If you think about it when we snap a photo of our food, we are capturing a piece of an experience. That moment in time we want to recall. That’s where Yummi will help – retrieving memory seamlessly. I think as we continue to use technology and digital tool to lifelog every steps of our lives, we continue to understand ourselves better. Yummi enables you to turn an idle image, otherwise useless in the phone, into a foodprint which is geotagged to a location of an event (a restaurant perhaps) and catalogued to a cuisine. So to answer this question – with a collection of foodprints, users are able to track their eating habits, their food preference, their travel interests, and their different food palates.

Yummi could be the perfect catch-all app that food lovers have been hungering for, whether you’re a veteran foodie or a newbie to the noshing scene. You can find Yummi available for download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Visit for more information.

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