Give Mom the Gift of (ISYN) a KFC-themed Romance Novella This Mother’s Day

Forbidden flirtationsLoveless betrothalPassionate admissions of mutual attraction

These are a few things that might reasonably spring to the mind of a person reflecting on written stories of romance and intrigue. As for words and phrases less suggestive of lantern-jawed heroes and fair ladies whose hearts they must win, consider examples like 11 herbs and spicesChicken drumstickExtra crispy

Now consider that earlier this month, fast food franchise KFC released a fried chicken-themed romance novella with this Mother’s Day in mind. And consider that from this moment forward, your life will forever be divided into two distinct time periods: the age before you’d ever read the title “Tender Wings of Desire” and recognized it as the actual name of an actual literary work written by human hands, and the epoch after you learned of its existence.

The 92-page free download on introduces readers to courageous heroine Lady Madeline Parker who, in the course of fleeing a loveless marriage, gets swept off her feet (while clutching a tasty chicken drumstick, as the book’s cover artwork reveals) by the Colonel, a handsome seafarer with the requisite mysterious past.

The book release comes wrapped in the idea that this year, moms willing to cough up for a KFC $20 Fill Up—a family-size assortment of Extra Crispy chicken, biscuits, gravy, and slaw—might, for once in her put-upon life, find a moment to escape the trials of family responsibility for a bit; say, long enough to slip into a bubble bath and a steamy tale while her family runs through a bucket of fast food like a plague of locusts.

I’d say this isn’t your mother’s bodice ripper, except that it totes is. KFC has deemed it so.

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