This Infographic Shows Off the 16 Most Eccentric UK Pub Names

We’ve all seen it at least once: a U.K. pub named in a way that could cause a reasonable person to wonder what sort of mind-altering substances may have been at work in the system of the person whose made the decision to identify it that way. A watering hole dubbed “The Bucket of Blood,” as one example, doesn’t conjure the most inviting imagery, unless perhaps you’re a thirsty vampire.

The method to this naming madness is easy to understand, though, once you consider that the majority of the population was illiterate during the 12th century when many such establishments came into existence. The visual imagery that went with an outlandish name served the dual purposes of making the name memorable, and through the pub’s posted signage, made it identifiable to the official ale taster. The infographic below illustrates a collection of some of the strangest British pub names this side of “The Swan With Two Necks.”

16 Quirky British Pub Names Illustrated, courtesy of

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