Proving They Can Do Anything, Doughnuts Glow in the Dark Now

Black Star Pastry is an Australian boutique patisserie that takes pride in it handmade confections. A recent addition to its impressive repertoire seems tailor-made for enjoying in the dark. Called the Glonut, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a doughnut that glows in the dark. As edible things do when they’ve come someplace to go luminous and chew bubble gum, and are all out of bubble gum.

The Glonut was created to celebrate the annual Vivid Light festival that goes down in Sydney, with the event most recently coming together late last month. The trick is that the frosting contains vitamin B (a.k.a. Riboflavin), which glows under UV light. As for what they taste like, the glaze is flavored with yuzu, resulting in a sweet, tart dessert that’s delicious as well as being easy to find with the lights off.

Shine on, you crazy doughnut.

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[Images: Black Star Pastry]

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