These Food Maps of Greece, Italy, and Spain Look Good Enough to Eat

When it comes to food dishes and ingredients that are at once recognized and beloved the world over, the cuisines of places like Spain, Greece, and Italy have a lot to offer. In fact, they’ve been offering it for quite a long time, which explains why certain locales have become synonymous with the meals hailing from them, as well.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a taste of something that instantly transports you to another place through its inherent ability to bring the flavor as only a particular point on the map can bring it. Chef and food stylist Rosie Mackean knows this as well as anyone, and has illustrated the point by using meats, produce, seafood, and more to create food maps that lend visual representation to famed regional foods of each country. Tasting the world has never been a more enticing prospect.

Click here to check out the food maps of all three countries—with zoom features—and see a behind-the-scenes video exploring how Chef Mackean brought each creation to life.


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