It’s National Ice Cream Month: Here’s Some Cool Stuff You Might Not Know is Happening

Psst…July is National Ice Cream Month. Pass it on.

As with most calendar observances devoted to life’s more delicious things, this month inspires some of us to apply a degree of examination and experimentation to the featured item that most days goes unexplored.

For examples of this, one could point to the Guinness World Record-setting Golden Opulence Sundae on offer at legendary NYC dessert spot Serendipity 3. The dessert, which must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance, boasts a $1,000 price tag and consists of 3 scoops of Madagascar vanilla bean-infused Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered in 23K edible gold, drizzled with the world’s rarest and most expensive chocolate, candied fruit from Paris, Swiss chocolate truffles, and more, served in a keepsake Baccarat crystal goblet, and accompanied with a side of Grande Passion caviar, infused with passion fruit and Armagnac, accompanies the sundae.

Those of us whose pockets aren’t as deep might cast a glance at the Fried Chicken Skin Ice Cream sandwiches rolling out of the kitchen at Bantam King in Washington, D.C. The $5.00 treat is the brainchild of chef Katsuya Fukushima, who based it on Moroccan bastilla. In this instance, a toasted King’s Hawaiian bun gets loaded with scoops of vanilla ice cream that are topped with a layer of crispy chicken skin before a dusting of cinnamon, powdered sugar, and roasted soybean flour is applied to the whole affair.

As for those of us who devour knowledge and trivia the way some people attack a quart of Triple Fudge Ripple, you might enjoy this infographic put together by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. Never again will you get caught not knowing on which day of the week the most ice cream gets sold, or what percentage of your friends and neighbors are inhaling their ice cream stashes from the comfort of their bathtubs. Knowledge is power, after all. Cold, sweet, tasty power.

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