The Summer Wine-Themed Coloring Book You Never Knew You Needed

It’s an activity that you probably whiled away many a childhood hour engaged in back when life was simpler. And because some favorites never die, adults are rediscovering the merits of working a bit of it into their leisure time. We’re talking, naturally, about coloring.

The nostalgia train that is the adult coloring book craze left the station sometime around 2015 and shows no signs of slowing its roll anytime soon. So it should surprise no one that the approach of National Coloring Book Day (yes, really) on August 2nd and the continued existence of so much as-yet-undrunk wine in the world, have converged to spawn a fun, summer-inspired coloring book.

The wine-themed coloring book, brought to you by award-winning Italian winery Santa Margherita, contains 18 line art images of varying complexity (wine reference!) that pair nicely with a glass of your favorite varietal. See a few examples below, then embrace your inner child as well as your inner wine crush.

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