This New York Restaurant Limits Parents Dining With Kids to One Alcoholic Beverage

A new element has been cast into the ongoing saga of sometimes less-than-cozy feelings between restaurants and parents dining out with children.

Clifton Park, NY establishment Peddler’s Bar and Bistro has instituted a policy of limiting adults seated with children to ordering a single alcoholic beverage per meal. In cases where both parents are present, the policy applies only to whichever of them will be driving home from the restaurant, and is made clear to diners before they are seated. Those who take umbrage at having their alcoholic intake monitored are asked to leave the premises.

Implemented as a measure taken against inebriated drivers getting behind the wheel of a vehicle with kids in the car, the one-drink policy is already ruffling some feathers, with some diners venting their fury at their servers. Peddlers manager Melissa Gravelle, however, remains committed to enforcing the rule.

Says Gravelle, “I could never live with myself knowing that I killed somebody driving. And it’s a choice that you can avoid.”


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