Product Review: pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks

This sampling experience introduced us to pureLYFT, a product that allows users to “energize anything” with regard to beverage choices. An all-natural product made with extract from green coffee beans, it comes in flavors like Mixed Berry, Orange, Lemon-Lime, and Original, and takes the form of a swizzle stick-sized wand filled with powdered caffeine and vitamins to be stirred into one’s drink of choice. These can range from soft drinks, cocktails, tea, juices, and virtually any potable liquid that one might consume.

There are two ways to reap the advertised benefits of a pureLYFT stir stick. One can “Peel & Stir” (peel an adhesive label from the lower end of the wand to reveal a series of holes through which the powder enters the drink gradually) or “Pop and Pour” (uncap one end of the wand and empty its entire contents into a beverage all at once). While having options in that area is a welcome feature, the opportunity to work with several samples revealed that the “Pop & Pour” method can require more stirring in order to see the product dissolve in full. The “Peel & Stir” method, owing to a more incremental release, required less stirring.

Characterized by lively aromas, the sticks are light in flavor, with delicate echoes of fruit that are just present enough to be notable in a beverage like water, and virtually undetectable in more flavorsome drinks like juices and alcoholic beverages, as they caffeinate without competing with existing flavors. As for the energy boost to be derived from one pureLyft stick, it comes on smoothly, and is comparable to what an average person who tolerates caffeine well would get from your average 8 oz. cup of coffee. This is a nice alternative to a steaming cup of joe for people seeking a mid-morning or late afternoon lift who either don’t like or cannot drink coffee. pureLYFT energy stir sticks are vegan, and free of GMOs and preservatives.

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