Study Prompts Tips on Avoiding Family Mealtime Stress

Researchers are finding that ever-evolving dietary requirements, from flexitarian and veganism to vegetarianism and ‘free-from’ eating, are affecting the cooking habits of UK households.

Results of a study conducted by kitchen specialists at Magnet suggest that dinner time, once an opportunity for the entire family to gather and share a meal, nowadays ends more toward being a stressful affair for parents now tasked with cooking multiple variations of the same meal for different family members who subscribe to unique individual dietary guidelines.

Key findings from the research are as follows:

  • 73% of parents are cooking for the family and then eating theirs alone
  • One in four parents avoid having their children’s friends stay for dinner because they ‘don’t know what to cook for them’
  • 71% of parents say cooking different meals to cater for different diets stresses them out

In a bid to reduce that mealtime pressure and anxiety, Magnet has shared a series of tips on how to avoid dinner time stress. Among these are suggestions to spend a bit more time planning meals (study revealed that fewer than 10% of parents devote more than an hour per week to planning meals that observe specific dietary requirements), and not underestimating the importance of variety (only 34% of parents cook more than four different meals per week, despite their family members’ general aversion to repetition.) Granted, time constraints lay into the latter point to a degree, but there are still some valuable points made among the tips shared. See them all here, and get additional information about the study conducted.


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