Change the World, One Rice Ball at a Time Through #OnigiriAction

It’s that time again: time to bring your (rice) balls in front of a camera. Because therein lies your power to change the world.

Today begins the World Food Day Campaign 2017, which will run through November 15th. The campaign is being launched by TABLE FOR TWO USA, a non-profit organization that works with corporations, restaurants, schools and other food establishments to utilize Japanese cuisine as a means to combat hunger and obesity.

Participation in the campaign is simple (you don’t even have to leave your home):

  1. Take a picture (or three, or five) of an onigiri rice ball. Get creative, because it’s fun and because that’s how you roll.
  2. Post your Onigiri snapshots on the campaign website or on your Social Media, along with the hashtag #OnigiriAction.

Each photo shared represents a donation of 5 school meals that will be delivered to children in need.

2016’s Onigiri Action campaign generated 108,815 onigiri photos (20 times more that the previous year’s campaign) shared from all over the globe.

Learn more at the campaign website:


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