Wine and Cheetos: Fall Comfort Food Wine and Cheese Pairings

So, it seems that Fall has arrived. it did so quietly, without much fanfare, and although the season has yet to declare its presence through cooling temperatures and changing foliage colors, the implications are clear. Soon enough, every eater you know will turn their attention to more comforting foods best enjoyed around a backyard fire pit on a cool night than at the beach or poolside. When those meals go down, suitable wine pairings will be of the utmost importance as well. So because wine and cheese have gone hand-in-hand for long, and because inventive wine pairings get us going, here are some inventive snack and comfort food pairings that feature shades of cheesy goodness in ways you might not have tried before.


Grilled Cheese

Pair it with: Banfi Rosa Regale

Ruby-colored and light-bodied, this wine hails from Piemonte, Italy. A sweet sparkling red made from 100% Brachetto grapes, it offers up pronounced aromatics led by raspberry and strawberry notes, with faint floral essences underlying the fruit. Its flavor bursts with juicy red berry and citrus flavor with sharp acidity that cuts through the savory sharpness of the molten cheese. It finishes sweetly with emphatic echoes of raspberry and strawberry that linger as if posing for pictures.



Pair it with: Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

The honeyed pear, pineapple, and peach flavors of Riesling are made for joining up with the creamy sweetness of cheesecake. Subtle minerality lurks beneath the stone and tropical fruit flavors in this pale gold pour. Refreshing acidity mitigates the sugar, polishing this medium-bodied white wine and resulting in a well-rounded flavor palette with a clean finish.


Mac & Cheese

Pair it with: Riunite Lambrusco

Another light, bubbly red full of fruit character, this is a natural pairing for the creaminess of Mac & Cheese in all its flavorsome blended cheese splendor.  A light-bodied wine that pours the colors of red jewels, this is a lively sip that complements the savory, comforting taste and texture of homemade Mac & Cheese on a cool night.



Pair it with: Natura Chardonnay

We get it. Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. Sometimes, all you want is a snack. That doesn’t mean that no thought should be given to grape-based accompaniment. With marked acidity working alongside its tropical fruit flavor notes, this wine stands up well against the decidedly sharp presence taste of Cheetos. A long and pleasing finish that recalls faint essences of pineapple, white peach, and stone goes a long way toward making this wine a serious matchup for the crunchy, cheesy snack.

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