Infuse your Vodka With Autumn: 6 Easy Methods and Pairing Suggestions

With every Fall comes a host of food and beverage infusions that draws on the flavors we’ve come to associate with the season. The ability to enjoy familiar taste combinations in our drinks as well as our baked goods ignites creative experimentation in a way that we are all better off for, and this applies as much to cocktail-making as it does to any other pursuit. This is all the truer, now that the holiday season has begun, and bursts of pumpkin, cinnamon, mint, and other seasonal ingredients have achieved iconic status among the delicious things we put into our faces at this time of year.

This is why we’re so excited to share the following six vodka infusion methods, which came our way along with food pairing suggestions and helpful tips to guide you from start to finish. Get the deets on all six easy step-by-step infusions here, along with crucial info on supplies you’ll need to get started (nothing fancy; just general household items you probably already own), mistakes you’ll want to avoid (and will doubtless do so with ease, because you’re a pro), and even tips on how to dress up your finished product to give as a tasty gift.

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