Designer Alexa Chung’s Spicy Vegan Nugget ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge in Upcoming Complex x Fuse

This Friday, as you’re digging into your third or fourth plate of tasty Thanksgiving leftovers or celebrating your Black Friday discount conquests, you can follow up the holiday with a visual feast by catching up with the hottest names in food, music, and pop culture. A brand new episode of Complex x Fuse is airing at 11 p.m. ET/PT on November 24th. 

Complex x Fuse serves up weekly exclusive first-looks at celebrities and athletes eating killer food, answering burning questions, and more. In the Complex On Food segment of Friday’s episode, fashion designer Alexa Chung learns that she’s one of the inspirations behind the popular First We Feast Hot Ones challenge series (in which famous people test their mettle in a hot wing-eating contest where each wing eaten is spicier than the last). Chung also tosses her hat into the ring by taking on a tray of spicy vegan nuggets.

We won’t tell you how the lady fares: just suffice it to say that this contest has wrung tears out of just about every challenger. Remember, we’re talking about grown men and women.

So, to recap, there’ll be celebrities, interesting food, physical challenges, and possibly, tears and swearing. And that’s just the food segment. Other highlights of the 90-minute program will feature entertainer JB Smoove, rapper Dom Kennedy, and recording artist/producer Hitboy in segments on pop culture, footwear, music, and more.

Could be worth tuning in the night after Thanksgiving, especially if you like your buzzy television programming with a side of snack foods that bite back.


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