This Interactive Map Will Tell You the Most Popular Christmas Candy in Your State

No holiday that has come to be associated as much with eating as with gift-giving would be complete without a look at its confectionery trends. And, as it went with Halloween candy preferences last month, geography can reveal a lot about which sweet reigns supreme. Do you favor candy canes at Christmastime, or are you a chocolate Santa soul? Are you all about the peppermint bark at this time of year? You may have brethren (or sisteren, because candy love ain’t just for dudes after all, hashtag feminism). Our friends at have done it again, sliding this interactive map our way to break it down by state.


Hover over your state to learn the three most popular sweets in your neck of the woods (and find out just how many states placed PEZ in the top triad), then visit for even more details and fun facts surrounding these treats that just make the holidays sweeter.


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