Product Review: Baked Goods by Bakerly

Reviewer’s note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

We were honored to have a shipment of French breads and sweets hit our doorstep not long ago. Artisan baked goods purveyor Bakerly sent us samples of its Sliced Brioche, Chocolate-Filled Crepe, Crunchy Crepe, and Brioche Rolls. A love of French bakery items matched only by the excitement of learning about a product line we hadn’t tried before, contributed to a memorable sampling experience we are glad to have undertaken.

A major tenet of Bakerly’s stated philosophy is the benefit of ingredient simplicity, which means that its product line is kept free from GMOs, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Earning points early in this regard, it also devotes a substantial portion of its FAQ page to expounding on ingredients utilized as well as those avoided, and sharing nutritional information. Such transparency in an age where people are taking an increasing interest in what they put into their bodies, boded well for Bakerly before our sampling process even began.

When it came to sampling, the first item tasted was the Sliced Brioche. A light, soft bread, it has a  sweetness to it that suits it as well to eating by itself (perhaps toasted and spread with warm butter or preserves) as to using for sandwiches or French toast. Slices are solid and thick, yet the bread retains an airy quality that never feels dense. Perhaps the greatest testament to its quality is that the first and last slices of any bread loaf, the dreaded “end pieces” are ones I typically discard, or avoid eating until they are the only ones remaining. With this sampling, I not only made a point of beginning with the first “end piece”, but finished it with enthusiasm and went back for a second slice right away.

The Brioche Rolls were a pleasant find as well. Resembling softer miniature versions of their hard-crusted cousin the baguette, they share the underlying sweetness of the sliced brioche loaf. Couple this with a soft, springy texture, and they have “mini lobster roll” written all over them. Pre-split for ease of filling, they function well as dinner rolls served warm with a meal or a crunchy, toasted complement to a bowl of hot soup, and practically plead to be stuffed with brie or other soft cheeses and oven-toasted.

The Chocolate-Filled Crepe and Crunchy Caramel Crepe, as their names suggest, are geared more toward enjoyment as a snack or dessert. Each consist of a rolled crepe filled with something sweet. In the case of the former, the filling is a paste of cocoa and hazelnut, and the result is a smooth texture folded into a delicate pastry. Tasty enough at room temperature, enjoying it slightly warm adds to its appeal by allowing the chocolate to melt and slightly crisping up the edges of the crepe. Its counterpart is full of chocolate-covered crispy cereal pieces and caramel that remains silken in texture even after refrigeration.

This impressed, given caramel’s tendency to stiffen as it cools, though as with the chocolate crepe, this one is also perfect for enjoying warm, especially during the chilly Fall or Winter seasons, either for a quick breakfast or after-dinner sweet. A major appeal of these crepes for me is that they are individually wrapped to offer a sensible portion when you haven’t room for a large, calorie-laden wedge of cake or pie, but would still like to enjoy a little something sweet. They also offer the perfect complement to a steaming cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

Speaking for my personal experience sampling their goods, Bakerly seems to know what they’re doing, and judging by the care taken with ingredient selection, they do it well. Try Bakerly’s products for yourself and get more information about its entire line at

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