Your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Cometh (Part 2)

We’re back with a few more ideas to round out your holiday shopping list. Covering a variety of interests and themes, these off-the-beaten-path options will rouse a smile to anyone who appreciates cooking and entertaining. With only a few shopping days left until Christmas, there’s no need to feel like you’ve missed the boat on finding that perfect something for the one you love. You might even find it here.

For Cooks Who Are Quick to Get Salty

Dessert Salt Trio


While salt and caramel have been making sweet music together for some time now, the notion of an array of salts intended strictly for desserts is likely to serve a welcome surprise that ignites your favorite foodie’s experimental spirit. This trio of chocolate, coffee and pure flake salt from Jacobsen Salt Co promises to amp up your Afters courses. It will make a memorable addition to the kitchen of the baker or dessert lover you care about. This brand new gift set includes:

  • Guittard Chocolate Salt – A next-level topping for ice cream, brownies or mole sauce
  • Stumptown Coffee Salt – perfect to wake your taste buds up sprinkled over créme brûleé, as well as savories like in a steak rub, or with roasted root vegetables
  • Jacobsen’s Signature Pure Flake Sea Salt – pure salt crystals straight from Oregon’s pristine waters of Netart’s Bay and perfect to enhance any dish or dessert like rhubarb pie or warm chocolate cookies.

Get it: Jacobsen Salt Co.

For the Refined Condiment Explorer

Maille Champagne Brandy and Winter Spices Mustard


To celebrate this time of the year, Maille developed a festive mustard recipe based on Marc de Champagne (Champagne Brandy), oranges and Winter Spices. Benefiting from a number of years of ageing in oak barrels, this exceptional beverage manages to perfectly balance the pungency of the Maille mustard and the spiced notes of cinnamon, star anise and vanilla by adding a fresh and fruity touch to the mix. This limited-edition set is available through the end of this month, and served in a traditional stoneware jar made in Burgundy before being arranged in an elegant gift box.

Get it:

For the Food Lover With a Heart of Cheese

Marin French Cheese Gift Basket

$28.00-$86.00 or custom option

Proving that the phrase “handmade gift” doesn’t necessarily have to conjure images of macaroni art or knitted apparel, the handcrafted small-batch cheeses offered here come in a variety of styles and sizes. The gifting options at Marin French Cheese aren’t relegated to just dairy products either, as you can customize a collection to include  jams, tapenades, and a variety of other tasty treats. Curate an assortment of specific cheeses in baskets of 4 to 6, or select from pre-arranged gift options on the easy and intuitive website. Your resident fromage-loving Francophile will have plenty or creamy, delicious reasons to say “Merci!”

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For the Wine Lover You Want to See Living a More Charmed Life

Bliss Home’s Magnetic  Wine Charms


These eye-catching charms feature Swarovski Crystal elements that come in a variety of shades, hold securely to wine, beer or cocktail glasses and won’t scratch delicate glassware. Affordability (at under $25.00 per 12-item set) have made them such a popular items that Bliss Home developed a new 6-item set of Hobby Wine Charms that visually celebrate various interests (cooking and travel among them!). The Hobby Charms can be used not only as glass markers but as conversation starters, and even come with an instructions for an icebreaker game your guests can play to get acquainted. These magnetic wine charms are set in a velvet backing and arrive in a beautiful, sturdy box that’s perfect for gifting or storage.

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For the Sophisticated Sipper

Egan’s Vintage Grain


A newcomer released just this past summer, this is a  smooth, expressive Irish Whiskey produced by the 5th and 6th generations of the whiskey-making Egan family. Crafted from aged whiskey distilled from a single grain spirit, this one will make for an appreciated addition to any collector’s library this year. The whiskey connoisseur in your life will welcome it with open arms and raised glass.

Get it: Egan’s Whiskey

For the Jaded Dessert Lover in Need of Comfort (Food)

Churros and Chocolate Kit


We defy anyone to be glum in the presence of a crisp churro to dip in a steaming mug of hot chocolate, both of which were made right in their own home. This easy to use kit comes with churro recipe instructions, along with 5 different extruder tips for making churros of varying sizes. It also includes a box of imported Spanish churro mix and a bar of classic chocolate a la taza by Valor. Stir the chocolate into simmering milk and watch it melt into a rich, decadent brew destined to become a household favorite.

Get it: La Tienda


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