Best Christmas Gifts for a Bar Guy

Contributed by Mark Cop

You all know that one guy who hangs out in his favorite bar all the time. He’s BFFs with the bartender. He eats there, drinks there, and is the best regular customer a bar owner can have. He enters the bar, and “the usual” is already waiting in his spot. If you don’t want to hang out in a bar with him, why don’t you think outside the box this Christmas? Don’t bring him in the bar, bring the bar to him. With ideas like these, he won’t think about going to the bar so often.

Bartender Kit

With this bartender kit, he can make his own drinks, and make them even better than what’s served at the bar. He can learn to make every cocktail there is, from the manly-man James Bond martini to the incredible Pinky Cosmopolitan. It’ll be a dream come true for him, because he will experience a feeling like he has his own bar! Who knows maybe in the future dream comes true.

Beverage Chilling Stones & Chillsner

No matter whether he is a whiskey lover or beer lover, he has to enjoy a cold drink. Due to that, I am offering you solutions to both situations—a whiskey glass and a beer bottle. Beverage Chilling Stones are made from soapstone. and that means they won’t melt. No more watery-tasting whiskey. Another trick up my sleeve is for beer lovers. The Chillsner is made from stainless steel, and goes in the beer bottle, cooling it from the inside. Once he puts the Chillsner inside, he doesn’t have to take it out until the bottle is finished. These two items are a dream team for a hot summer day.

Mugs and Homebrew Starter Kit

So, he might know how to make cocktails, but what about beer? This great brew starter kit is an excellent addition to the home bar he wants to have, because he’ll now be able to offer beer in addition to liquor. His own beer. Christmas is a great time for that, because you all can be at his place and make beer. It is the holiday season, right?

Foosball Table

Every bar has a game table. Most of them have foosball tables or pool tables, but since the pool table is bigger I would recommend you go with the foosball table. Having a foosball table at home is the best excuse one can have to stay inside. He doesn’t have to invite you to the bar, he can say beer and foosball and you will be there. I know you will. J

Whiskey Decanter & Glasses

I’ve covered beer and cocktails, but what about whiskey? He doesn’t have to make it, but he should have a stylish decanter and glasses for his chilling stones right? This set is every man’s dream, even though some don’t want to admit that.  It gives style, class, and manliness to anybody who pours whiskey from it.


Author Bio:

Mark is a foosball player and a blogger who started a blog about foosball. He writes everything he knows about foosball on his blog because he loves to share his knowledge about it with the rest of the world. From foosball history to tips on maintaining a foosball table, everything you want to know about foosball you can read on his blog.

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