These Holiday Chocolate Cupcakes Are Gluten-Free

If you were to take a random survey of people the world over, it’s a safe bet that the words “cupcake” and “chocolate” would place among the top ten favorite words of most. No doubt working from that exact model of human psychology, our friends at Simple Mills shared with us this recipe for Holiday Chocolate Cupcakes that we know you’ll love. Not only are they chocolate. Not only are they cupcakes. They’re also gluten-free, meaning more of us can enjoy them without fearing the consequences of said indulgence. The more, the merrier, right?

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One thought on “These Holiday Chocolate Cupcakes Are Gluten-Free

  • December 27, 2017 at 6:58 PM

    What is not to like about this recipe. All the right stuff and sort of healthy too! Happy 2018.

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