Your Online Wine Etiquette Cheat Sheet

Trying to memorize all the ins and outs of drinking and serving wine is enough to rouse beads of nightmare sweat to anyone’s brow. No one wants to commit a public faux pas while imbibing, after all, lest his or her fellow wine lovers spend an eternity razzing them for it. We recently came across this series of wine etiquette tips with helpful insights on topics that range from quick-reference flavor notes and descriptive terms a taster is likely to encounter…


…to the proper amount to fill your glass (hint: it varies according to the style of glass as well as wine)…


…to what one can expect of a particular wine in terms of sweetness—or lack thereof, which is a handy knowledge set to have when it comes to food pairings.

You can check out the entire series of infographics here, and rest secure in the knowledge that you need never again come up short trying to keep it all straight in your head. We’re sure most of you reading this will agree that the time you occupy with fretting over such matters is better spent pulling corks and being generous with refills, right? So go get ’em. Then drink ’em with friends.


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