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As the temperature rises each year, so does most drinkers’ interest in frosty cocktails, and one more than any other has more of us thinking pink in recent years. We’re talking about that slushy rose-colored libation known as frosé. Up until recently, enjoying a round of these lightly-sweetened rosé wine-based cocktails at home meant dragging out the blender or food processor or ice cream machine, along with measuring cups and assorted fruit juices or homemade berry syrups. And after the frosé was made, there was the clean-up. All in all, it was an undertaking fraught with tedium for a payoff that few people might deem worth the effort. More often than not, we include ourselves in that number. A recent sampling of Chanmé Frosé, however, has left us encouraged that easier paths to said enjoyment do exist and are well worth taking.

Chanmé Frosé debuted earlier this year as the first premium ready-to-drink frosé on the market. Created by a pair of friends at The Frozen Frogs beverage company, its aim is to make a beverage of ever-swelling popularity available while relieving consumers of any elaborate prep. Sold in individual serving-sized 10 oz. (296 ml) pouches, this product is made from 100% California rosé wine and has an ABV of 6.9%. Enjoying it is a simple two-step process: place pouch(es) in your freezer until mostly frozen, then upon removing from freezer, squeeze pouch(es) to break up the ice into a slushy consistency. That’s it. From that point onward, you’re drinking, whether you opt to sip it through a straw straight from the pouch, squeeze it into a wine glass, or even directly into your mouth. No fuss, and no messy clean-up.

For all that ease and availability, the obvious question then becomes, “But how does it taste?” And the short answer is, “It’s good.” Rose-colored, sweetened enough but not to excess, with sufficient acidity to balance the scales between sweet and cloying while accentuating the berry flavor elements. Its aromatics hint at strawberries, raspberries, and citrus fruits. These influences follow through onto the palate, where they are joined by flavors of pineapple and blackberry. Its finish is full of strawberries, raspberries, and echoes of tart blackberry.

Given its packaging, some sippers will doubtless liken Chanmé Frosé to Capri Sun for adults. But if ease of enjoyment is a chief draw of this product, then its next most attractive feature—apart from its fun, fruit-forward taste— is indeed its portability. Pouches fit easily into a cooler, backpack, or picnic basket for drinking on-the-go, anyplace, anytime. This, plus a refreshing flavor palette and sleek, minimalist package design add up to an enjoyable drinking experience made more enjoyable by providing consumers a welcome, long-overdue shortcut to getting there.

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Reviewer’s note: Samples of the wines discussed here were provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

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