6 Bizarre Ingredients Taking Dessert to Unexpected Places

We know it by many names: Afters. Pudding. Postres. Whichever term one chooses, the word “dessert” encompasses a universe of foodstuffs. While fruits, nuts, and even cheeses number among standard ingredients used to create the meal-enders that we all love, more chefs and recipe creators are going off script, making use of poultry, red meat, and even bone marrow to challenge much of what we thought we knew about desserts and how they’re made.

foodmuseumEight Foods You Won’t Believe Have A Museum Devoted To Them

Food Museums channel our fascination with cooking and food manufacturing methods, offering us a window into how our ability to master them has evolved throughout history. While most well-know examples focus on the broader strokes of food science and artistry, some choose more specific areas of focus. For every Museum of Food and Drink or New York Food Museum, there seems to be a growing number of institutions devoted to spreading the gospel of a single food item like the ones shared here.

ladybugFour Food-Based Fantasy Superpowers You’d Love to Have… And Three You Might Not

Flying and breathing underwater are just two abilities possessed by various characters populating the fictional universes we love, though not all characters are blessed equally. For every single-bound leaper of tall buildings, there are busloads of supers whose endowments seem crafted to leave us scratching our heads, especially those who command powers that revolve around manipulating food and drink to their advantage. Having most of these powers doesn’t sound half bad, but some of them seem more like punishments than gifts.

winecreamMind-Blowing Things That Are Now Sold Wine-Infused

Because people’s fondness for edibles is rivaled only by our wine love, it was only a matter of time before the wine-infused food and cooking item market exploded. Here are nine entries in an ever-expanding field of ubiquitous wine-laced goods that oenophiles can purchase in less time than it takes to pour a glass of Syrah.

FoodWarsThumbRead These Five Cooking-Themed Manga to Improve Your Culinary Mojo

While illustrated storybooks might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to upping your kitchen game, cooking-themed manga is a popular and respected genre in Japan. The manga series gathered here are notable for their attention to, and obvious affection for, food and cooking.

teafactsHere Are Some Things You Might Not Know About Tea

For ages, tea has been enjoyed in countless civilizations all over the world. We take it in many forms and styles, and our love affair with this ancient beverage is growing stronger all the time. But how much do you really know about it?

nonhumanwaitstaffRestaurants That Are So Over the Whole Human Waitstaff Thing

A growing number of eateries all over the world are abandoning having human waitstaff serve food tableside, instead devising more innovative methods of getting the grub onto tables. Who needs service with a smile when you can get service with a robot, roller coaster, or remote-controlled drone?

revolvingrestaurants8 Revolving Restaurants in the Eastern U.S. That Are Still Spinning

The staggering number of closures in recent years might lead one to think that the revolving restaurant has all but vanished. While the American restaurant landscape has seen significant narrowing of options in this area, there do remain some venues waiting to serve you a side of romantic scrolling panoramas with your entrée.

wildpizzasWhere the Wild Pizzas Are: Seven Variations From Around the World

No matter what country one visits, one is unlikely to ever be more than a few footfalls away from a place to score a bite of hot, fragrant ‘za. Pizza is many things to many cultures around the world. Here are a few ways that variations on the theme is making life just a little bit more delicious than many people may realize.

vinvanvoomThe Rise of the Mobile Winebar

We live in a wonderful age of accessible, affordable street food, and increasingly, alcoholic beverages. Itinerant drink stations are on the rise. Why go out to the bar when the bar can be brought to you? The following list of mobile bars touches locales all over the world where indulging your love of wine is as simple as stepping toward the curb.


dinnerintheskythumbConfront Your Deepest Fears at These Restaurants

Not all restaurants are created equal in terms of ambiance. Some restaurants make a point of incorporating fear-inducing thematic elements into their DNA. Those that do it the right way manage to offer their guests a fun dining atmosphere with a kick of adrenaline too.

thespaathershey6 Spas Where you Can Literally Bathe in Food and Drink

Move over, seaweed wraps and caviar facials, and make way for these six resort and spas that aren’t afraid to play the whole “food-themed therapeutic treatments” thing to the hilt, as they invite their customers to literally immerse themselves in their favorite edibles and potables.

chocolateonionThe 8 Most Insane Chocolate-Covered Foods You Can Pay Actual Money to Eat

There was a time when bacon was the most subversive thing this side of your annual county fair to be drenched in chocolate and sold to hungry masses. But it’s a new day in a brave, new, chocolate-dipped world, and some of the unlikeliest foods are going where no chocolate has been before. Until now.

DeseoBistro10 Restaurants Worth the Move to Canada

From high-end bistros to cheap eats to underrated gems, these restaurants throughout Canada just might be worth filling out that change of address form some of us would-be expatriates have been procrastinating over.



sake9 Things You Didn’t Know About Sake

Japanese sake has one of the longest, most storied histories of all alcoholic beverages, yet its tale remains somewhat unknown outside the country of its birth. This list takes a fun look at some lesser-known facts surrounding Japan’s national beverage.



Thought Leader Series: Slice Your Way to Delicious Katsudon in 10 Easy StepsThought Leader Series: Slice Your Way to Delicious Katsudon in 10 Easy Steps

A high-quality kitchen knife is indispensable when it’s time to whip up a menu masterpiece. This recipe for the Japanese comfort food katsudon owes much of its simplicity to the precision that only sharp, quality blades can deliver.


FoodFlingingFestivals6 Annual Festivals That Encourage Celebrants to Fling Food at Each Other

If you plan on participating in any of these six festivals from around the world, go prepared to get your hands dirty in ways mom and dad would never approve of. Every one of them not only allows but encourages revelers to chuck food at fellow attendees.


Food Holidays

6 Things You Never Knew About National Food Holidays

Love them or hate them, food-themed holidays don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. New observances dawning around the clock and a virtually limitless variety of foods available to people looking to memorialize them warranted a closer look at the concept.

strip steak in iron skillet panoramic photo10 Foods that Just Taste Better Prepared in a Cast-Iron Skillet

There’s a reason that cast-iron cookery gets handed down through generations like heirloom jewels. Whether discussing texture, taste, or searing and browning capability, its cooking advantages are undeniable.


Cold soup with cucumbers yogurt and fresh herbs on the table7 Ways to Cook With Yogurt (Even If You Don’t Like Yogurt)

So, you’re not yogurt’s biggest fan, but you’re among the swelling legion of people seeking to adopt healthier eating habits. To assist that laudable endeavor, here are a few creative ways to ease into making it a regular part of your diet.


9 Tips that will make you a more informed wine taster

While it’s not crucial to know everything there is to know about wine in order to enjoy experiencing it, knowing some basics will help you to get the best out of your next wine-tasting event.


p_TheGrotto6 Cave Restaurants That Let You Dine in Stone-Age Style

Cave Dining is all the rage these days. Channel your inner Flintstone at these restaurants that deliver ambiance along with some great food.



Red kitchen mixer on a white backgroundOne Good Stand Mixer Will Make These 7 Items in Your Kitchen Obsolete

A reliable stand mixer, for example, with its array of attachable accessories, could be the champion kitchen multi-tasker you never knew you needed. Investing in one would mean you never again have to clutter up your meal prep area with the likes of the seven machines mentioned here.

p_Wako_Department_Store_In_Ginza,_Tokyo,_JapanDepachika: Japan’s Subterranean Department Store Food Halls

Some of the best eating in Japan can be found not in glittering rooftop lounges, but in the labyrinthine subterranean department store levels that house the food halls known as depachika.


Wine bottlesHow to Store Wine – 7 Valuable Secrets

Whether you’re a very casual drinker or an educated wine connoisseur, learn how to store wine to prolong the life (and flavor) of your wine.




The 8 Best White Wines To Enjoy At Your Next Raclette Party

These eight widely accessible white varieties offer up a range of tastes and aromas, with enough acidity to cut through the richness of your typical raclette meal and complement its eclectic flavors with their own.




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