2016 Interviews

This ongoing interview series dubbed “F.A.Qs” (Food Adventurer Queries) showcases the brightest, most talented food bloggers and culinary professionals around. It brings us up to speed on what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, and spreads the awesome in a fun-to-read format.

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F.A.Qs: Chiron Cole of Sunday Dinners
In our final interview of 2016, we talk with the talented Chiron Cole, creator of the Sunday Dinners project.


F.A.Qs: Anh of Hangry Foodies
This month, I talked with Anh, creator of foodlove website Hangry Foodies.


F.A.Qs: Cara and Li of #WiningHourChat
Our October interview takes this monthly Q&A series in a different direction than previous entries.


F.A.Qs: Lin of @BoozyChef
Linda, a.k.a. “Lin”, a.k.a. @BoozyChef is a creative cook and pairer of meals and vino, as well as an all-around fascinating conversationalist on things edible and potable.


F.A.Qs: Larisse Espinueva of Larisse Gastronomique
In our August interview, we learn a bit more about Larisse Espinueva, self-described “cakemaker/fondant warrior” and owner of Midnight Snacks Personalized Cakes & Pastries.


F.A.Qs: Aaron Hutcherson of The Hungry Hutch
This month, we talk to Aaron Hutcherson, creator of food love website The Hungry Hutch.


F.A.Qs: Sasha of @SashaEats
This month I had the pleasure of talking with the man responsible for some of the most intriguing and visually-appealing food posts and restaurant reviews I’ve read in recent memory.


F.A.Qs: Dona Sudarsani of Best Sri Lankan Recipes
For our May interview, I was lucky enough to ask a few questions of Dona Sudarsani, creator of the always hunger-inducing website Best Sri Lankan Recipes.


F.A.Qs: Jay Eatz of JayEatz.com
Globetrotting food blogger and cooking instructor Jay Eatz talks with me about things like the current food scene in Ontario where he lives, the best meal he’s ever eaten and where it was, and what cooking class he’d love to teach in the future.


F.A.Qs: Singing Chef Jackie Gordon
Singing Chef Jackie Gordon (you may know her as “The Diva That Ate New York”) found the time to answer a few questions for our March interview.


F.A.Qs: Anoushka Aodhorah of PeachyTales.com
This month, I talked with Anoushka Aodhorah, creator of Mauritian food blog Peachy Tales: A Tale of Passion, a site I find myself returning to again and again.


F.A.Qs: Chloe of What Chloe Cooked
For our first interview of 2016, I was fortunate enough to talk with the creator of What Chloe Cooked, a site that I’ve admired for its wealth of eclectic recipes and the obvious adoration of cooking that infuses each entry.



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