Braised Celebs, Bakin’ Sweet Bacon, and a Food Truck Widda Baseball Bat

As we approach the end of this final week before Flavorful World food and drink blog turns two years old, we direct our attention and yours toward the following trifecta of tasty items. Not only do they promise us interesting times ahead, but the might well change the way we think about certain established food icons (of both the living and edible varieties.)

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Truckeroo 4: Photos

We were on hand for Truckeroo 4 in Washington, D.C. on September 30th along with thousands of other food lovers. As usual, a good time was eaten by all, and here are the pics to prove it.

Thanks to @wheresauca, @bigcheesetruck, @LobstertruckDC, @Sinplicity1, and @AZNeats for serving up some of the most interesting foods we’ve had out in quite a while. Truckeroo 4 was a great enough time that with October’s being the final event for this year, we hope it returns in 2012 so that we can be there when it does.

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